“I wish I could take my speaking to the next level,” you say to yourself. “I really need to attend the three day intensive workshop that is offered by BCI, but right now I just can’t get the time away to do it.”

We hear your plight and BCI has created a new service to be of assistance. It’s the Personal Speech Coaching © arm of BCI. That’s right, we will personally critique a presentation of yours and give you valuable feedback, including ways to improve your speaking!

Here’s how PSC© works. Simply mail to us a DVD or video of the presentation you’d like critiqued (up to 45 minutes in length). Bill Butterworth will personally watch it, analyze it and review it carefully. We will send back to you a detailed evaluation, summarizing your speaking strengths, your speaking weaknesses, and suggestions for improvement based on Bill’s Sweet Sixteen of Successful Speaking© that he teaches his students at BCI.

That’s the basic plan. For those who want to go a little further, we also offer the next step: all that’s included in the basic plan plus a personal evaluation by means of a 45-minute phone conversation with Bill. He will go over in detail your written critique, plus answer any further questions you may have regarding the world of speaking.

So what’s the price tag for these services? 
PSC© Basic Plan: $599.
PSC© Advanced Plan: $799.
Plus, you may want to check with your accountant—it could be tax deductible!

Sound good? Sign up today by emailing us at We accept cash, check, Master Card and Visa.

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